Name Blade of Darkness
Creator Bhake Blackrain

Ultra Light

Mana Bound

Never Dull


Fire Tier X

Mind Tier X


the Blade of Darkness was forged by Bhake Blackrain himself. It was forged in a different world that is unknown to the people of Blessana. As is the material.

Bhake Blackrain made this blade out of black dwarven metal which is extremely rare, especially in the world of Blessana. The blade is unable to break due to the nature of Black Dwarven Steel being so extremely strong.

After many years of having this blade lay around in his collection Bhake decided to start toying with it. He casted Ultra Light into the blade making it as light as a feather and extremely easy to swing around. But it didn't stop there. He also cast mana bound forcing the blade to only be held by those who had the correct mana. Never Dull soon followed, stopping this blade from becomming dull and always stays in top notch condition. Materialize for easy traveling, turning the blade to nothing and letting it appear out of nothing for the user. Soon followed a extremely strong fire spell that allowed the blade to be covered in flames, and to give it that slight edge Bhake added Mind with that aswell, allowing the blade to seep deep into the thoughts of anyone it has cut and storing their memories in the blade itself.


The sword is laying amongst Bhake's collections somewhere in his castle.


Experts who have heard of the Blade claimed this weapon to be invaluable, adding the very powerful enhancements, the fact there's only one of it, and the fact it was made by the God of Shadows himself.