Creator: Darrius Rosette
Type: Protective Armour
Owned: Novalin 'Nova' Melanson


This robe was tailored by the royal master tailor, the tailor of the Royal House and was tailored on request of Darrius Rosette

It was made to fit an adult women however it will always fit a certain person after Darrius imbued it with magic. 

The robe was originally made for Darrius's sister Emily Rosette who had passed away by the time the dress was finished. However Darrius kept it to think back of his little sister. 

Shortly after Nova joined The Underground it was given to her to keep her safe.


Fits-All: The dress manages to shrink or expand depending on the woman  holding it. 

Water Strings: The white lace on the arms will turn into water when the wearer is in danger. This'll allow a Magi user to use the infinite water source as a weapon.

Water coating: All wounds on the wearer will automaticly heal. This goes only for small cuts. Anything a intermediate water user could heal.

No Tears: If any damage is done to the robe, be it cuts, rips, tears or ripped off the dress will automaticly turn to liquid and regenerate itself around the user.