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Espladar used to be a town filled with riches; it's ground was fertile and a heaven for farmers. But that was centuries ago. When the Magi showed up they plagued the lands by casting magic. They used it as a training ground. It didn't take long before a Magi became governor of Espladar and permitted all magic and magi activity. The city was transformed into a maze of ruins. Houses were destroyed, and people were killed in the process. But this was all long ago. The only ones that know about this are those that live in Espladar and have been lucky enough to hear the ancient tales that have been passed down through many generations.

Espladar soon found a new governor, and luckily, one who cared. The Magi had passed away so the new Governor took a different approach. He wanted this to be a town of freedom, but with order. He established strict rules regarding what was permitted and what wasn't. He banned the usage of Magic in the streets; however, allowed and practice of magic outside of the city.

The town was rebuilt with mostly wood and spiked metal fences, giving it it's characteristic Victorian feel. Due to this, many outsiders believe it to be haunted. Despite Espladar's run down and poverty stricken looks, those born in Espladar understand it's wonders. The surrounding forest is beautiful, but sadly, only those accompanied by soldiers are allowed to enter it.

Espladar also has an amazing estate value with a wide variety of shops and pubs surely to please the most most adventurous and daring of tastes.

Inhabitants: 230

Artifacts originating from Espladar Edit

None so far

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