Athena Bastet
Creator: 'Frankenstein'
Type: Weapon
Owned: Athena Bastet


The Flaming Sky Piercer is a weapon made completely of red dwarven steel. This means it can cut through almost anything without much problems.  

The weapon was used by Frankenstein to slaughter his victims when he was younger, het he grew tired of killing and just wanted to continue with his experiments, eventually letting the weapon collect dust.  

Not soon after succesful attempts of mana body modification he granted the spear to Athena Bastet to use in her Dragoon training. Which made it perfect. The weapon weighs around 88lbs rendering it perfect for working out the muscles of both legs and arms.  

Once Athena managed to get used to the spear and use it like a third arm Frankenstein got an evil grin on his face and took it back for 'repairs'. 

He went into his lab and started opening Jars of Souls into the spear, absorbing the souls the Spear began to become 'alive' it is capable of speaking to the user when in doubt and gained all the knowledge of the tortured souls contained inside of it. After this was said and done Frankenstein threw it into the ground and started chanting. As lava rose up and wrapped around the spear granting it the power of lava, the sword is able to heath up beyond the point of a flame and is able to cause third degree burns and scar people for life with a mere cut. Not only that but the sword was coated in volcanic ash that'll enter a cut and poison the person from inside out.  

After all was done he added one final touch of making it weightless so that Athena could jump even higher with it. He then granted it to her and called it "The Flaming Sky Piercer"


Lava flow: Upon entering combat the red gems on the spear will turn into liquid lava smouldering around the spear and making it a highly dangerous weapon to get close to.

Souls: The Spear has it's own life due to souls being absorbed into the spear. This spear is able to communicate with the wearer.

Volcanic coating: Volcanic ash is all around the blade, this ash will enter wounds made by the spear and poison the person cut.

Light-Weight: The weapon was reduce from 88lbs to 0 lbs