Jake Greystone

Player: Lorenzo
Name: Jake Greystone
Age: 28
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5.9 ft
Weight: 176 lbs
Home Town: Brance
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Tone: Pale
Title: Captain
Occupation: Fishing
Wealth Status: Middle Class
Main Magi: Water
Main Weapon: Sword 
Crimes Comitted(Ammount): 1
Jail Time(years): 1
Relationship Status: Widow


Jake Greystone, a normal fisherman who has lived his entire life in Brance in peace. Jake comes from a long line of fisherman. He has his own ship that has been in his family for many generations. His father died in an accident on sea which is still a mystery. The ship washed up on shore close by Brance and his fathers body was on deck of the torn vessel. 

Jake has rebuild the ship to it's former self, and even added some new attributes. A new harpoon gun, new and stronger fishing nets. And 5 cannons on both side. Doing so, Jake hopes to be ready for the day that he meets his fathers murderer.

Jake started training with a sword at the Capitol to be ready for anything on sea. Wether it be pirates or something else. He also knows his way around a spear for he usesses it everyday in his occupation. 

Jake met his wife in the capitol and after they married they lived in Brance. After living there for 2 years his wife, she  took ill. She died shortly after. When this happend Jake started to live on deck of his ship and kept focussed on his job to keep him busy. Doing he became better and better at his job. He even could afford some crewmembers. 

After being so busy working, Jake accidently sailed into protected water this was the cause of him spending 1 year in jail. Doing his time as peacefull as possible he got of on good behavior and went back to fishing, his brother Micheal took up the command when Jake was in prison. When Jake returned he was placed back as Captain for Micheal didn't want it anymore. Its was to much of a responsibility. Matthew who was appointed as first mate, Matthew assisted Micheal a much as possible. They were able to keep on fishing which ment that Jake still had all his belongings when he got out of prison. 

Crewmembers names are:

Micheal Greystone

Matthew Vitale


Quiet, friendly and loyal. 


Water (basic)


Sword (basic)

Harpoon (mastery) 


Fishing (mastery)

tactician (basic) 


The Morrigan, A ship that has been in Jake's family for many generations. Which has been a little altered by Jake him self. 

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