Magi Edit

Magi are often called Magician, Mage, Sorcerer, Sorceress or any other related term. Officials tend to use the more political term Magi, but not a lot is known about them.

All Magi claim they have been blessed by a God with a specific element, but they refuse to talk about how they obtained their power in any other way. Magi's are dangerous and are capable of casting magic with either good or evil intent. It is used in towns with extreme wealth for making life easier. But this requires the full attention of a Magi and those don't come cheap. There's a total of 60 Magi across the world.

The following was told by a Magi who was on his death bed, and was later written down in the books of Mallaston's Army. This, however, is not known to the common folk, and only those who paid a corrupt Soldier would know.


"This pentagram was drawn by the Magi who claims there's a total of five elements. He however claimed there might be more. Mind, Water, Fire, Earth and Air. Every Magi gets access to one but is not barred from the others. With enough practice one Magi can 'unlock' another pool. One Element was given to him by a stranger who asked nothing in return. He called it a blessing. He briefly explained what all Elements did and how powerful they are.

We have tried to recruit Magi for the army to make our lives easier but no Magi ever accepted our offer.

Fire, a devastating power granted to destroy or protect, is capable of burning things or even people to ashes if the Magi is powerful enough. Earth, capable of shaping the land and using it to someone's advantage, includes forming earth out of thin air and using it to inflict damage. Air, capable of firing projectiles made of gas, has allowed some Magi to even master the art of flying with it or sending messages to others completely off the grid. Mind, mostly used for evil deeds such as Necromancy, is extremely dangerous and became a banned pool immediately after we found out. Any Magi using this is executed on the spot. Water, capable as both a damaging and healing pool, allows Magi blessed with it the capability of healing severe wounds and restoring them as if nothing happened. No scars would remain.

This is all i could find out before the spilling Magi passed away. I have documented this for the Army and hope we can use this information to let Mallaston succeed. Signed, R.R."