Player: Ryan
Name: Mirella Zeonik
Age: 22
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 6.06 ft
Weight: 145 lbs
Home Town: Sand Spire
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Yellow
Skin Tone: Tanned
Title: Princess of Sand Spire
Occupation: Princess
Wealth Status: Upper Class
Main Magi: None
Main Weapon: Dagger
Crimes Comitted(Ammount): None
Jail Time(years): N/A
Relationship Status: Single


Mirella lived a pretty easy life. She lived her life in luxury, not having to work for her money or clothing. The kingdom paid for everything, even her schooling. She was schooled by the very best teachers making her the most educated woman in town.

Being surrounded by upper class people she learned etiquette at a very young age. She always had to look her best and be on her best behavoir. As a child she could only be seen and not heard. Eventhough this sounds like a harsh rule, even if it was just for a friendly talk, it was the norm and people lived by it. She was only aloud to talk when spoken to.

Her mother passed away just only a year after Mirella was born due to poison from a rare, newly discovered scorpion. Because of this her father was very protective since she was the only one he had left. She was always by his side, under strict protection. Being by his side all the time she had experienced alot of meetings with people from inside Sand Spire but also outside of the town. Her father thought that Mirella wouldn't cop on to what was going on, but he underestimated her. At the age of 10 she was able to talk like the other counsil men at the table. 

Now at the age of 22 she has been given a task. One that was givin to all 'soon to become' queens. She had to go into the outside world to explore the people and their ways of life. So when the new king would rule she could aid him in his decisions in the best way possible.


Having her grow up in Sand Sire for her whole life she has only known the norms and values of her own community. The basic things would be: Respect your elders, be polite to people, etc. 

Being brought up in this community with very few fight or arguments she has rarely experienced any heavy loaded negative emotions towards other people. She is always very polite and would rather avoid an argument if possible.

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- Light on her feet

- Contortionist

- Snake Charming

- Basic Dagger Skills


Princess of Sand Spire


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