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Faction Owner: Darrius Rosette
Faction's main location: Mallaston, Rich District
Faction Also Known As: TU, Mafia
Faction Member Count: 1200 +/-
Alliance: Chaotic Neutral
Faction Wealth: Extroidinarily wealthy
Faction's Slogan: "From darkness we strike"
Known Enemies: The Royal Army
Known Allies: None

History of The Underground Edit

The Underground used to be a low time gang of common thugs until Darrius Rosette took over. He started recruiting in a wide swing and offered people extremly well pays if they managed to meet certain expectations. 

The Underground is known by The Royal Army yet they do not know who's the leader of this criminal faction. The Underground has grown so large and so many members are extremly well trained that even those who get caught rather die than spill any inside information.

The Underground owns the majority of all pubs in the world of Blessana and it is still unknown which bars are owned by them. Herefor guards can not take actions.

Goal of The Underground Edit

The goal of TU is unknown to many, and plenty assume they're in it for just gold. But only those who are extremly high ranked and trained within the Faction know the real purpose.

Ranks of The UndergroundEdit

  1. Boss
  2. Elite
  3. White Knight
  4. Thief / Assassin
  5. Spy
  6. Initiate

Artifacts in possession of The Underground Edit

It is currently unknown what kind of artifacts The Underground currently has in possession.

(Player)Members of the Underground Edit

Darrius Rosette  Boss

Novalin 'Nova' Melanson  White Knight