Emblem of the White Sky
Faction Owner: Akiza Amaria amongst other 4 council members
Faction's main location: Unknown
Faction Also Known As: N/A
Faction Member Count: 30
Alliance: Neutral
Faction Wealth: Common
Faction's Slogan: "That was once was, can go on."
Known Enemies: None
Known Allies: None

History of The White Sky Edit

There used to be a time, long long ago, where a select group of 5 people were chosen as offerings to the great mythical beasts. At the time people believed that if they did indeed make this offering it would satisfy these creatures, which would lead to another year of peace. However, the last offering made didn't go as expected.

Story's about this tail are all somewhat told in a different way, but they all came to the same conclusion. This select group found a way to harmonize with these creatures and even to become life long companions. During this time they were able to harmonize with 5 creatures. Every person took one of these creatures under their personal care.

One day the group returned to the village, showing them that they were still alive and giving them the news that they won't have to make any offerings anymore. Shocked at first the village didn't know what they were hearing, but they gave it the benefit of the doubt. 

Years have gone past now without any offerings and everything went great. The mythical creatures were still under the care of the group of 5. After all these years in peace, some people didn't agree. These people weren't happy with the group having so much power, they wanted it for themselves. 

And so yet again, all books tell a different way of how the war between the tribe and the village went on. But they both ended the same. The creatures were whiped out. But before they did they decided to leave a token of their power and excistance behind. 5 Artifacts which were all made out of their energy, these items were then given to the respective caretakers. As the creatures slowly died the sky was now completely white, as if the sky was made out of paper. 

Goal of The White Sky Edit

This tribes goal is to bring back mythical creatures that used to roam the world of Blessana.

Artifacts in possession of The UndergroundEdit

Each council member has 1 artifact that belongs to them. These artifacts have been passed along through generations.

- Sky Whip, owned by Akiza Amaria

- Unknown

- Unknown

- Unknown

- Unknown

(Player)Members of the Underground Edit

Akiza Amaria : Council Member