Player: Ryan
Name: Victoria 'Ace' West
Age: 20
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5.83 ft
Weight: 143 lbs
Home Town: Espladar
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Red
Skin Tone: Pale
Title: None
Occupation: None
Wealth Status: Middle Class
Main Magi: Fire
Main Weapon: None
Crimes Comitted(Ammount): One
Jail Time(years): 8 Months
Relationship Status: Single


Victoria was born and raised in Espladar. Although her family didn't have much gold, they were very happy together. Her family meant everything to her, that was, until she became helplessly addicted.

She made friends with one of the guards that was securing the prison. They used to place bets on how long it would take for another prisoner to die, and whoever was closest would get the money. Even though this wasn't much, it was enough to buy a loaf of fresh bread. She developed a love for gambling, leading to her diverse taste of other types of gambling. Card games, street games, you name it. When she won enough money by doing so she moved to Mallaston. There, she pursued her gambling addiction. 

After doing this for years her addiction started catching up. She bet all her money away, and lost everything she had. She started borrowing money from the underground (mafia). And instead of learning from her past mistakes, she began gambling again. She started winning the money back that she had lost. Eventually she was able to pay the underground back and still have some to spare. But her luck didn't last. She lost it all again in an armed robbery.

With no food, money, or home, she was forced to live on the streets. When the underground came looking for her she had nothing to give them. They weren't very pleased, to say the least. She was brutally beaten, and while unconscious, was turned in to the guards for gambling, an illegal practice. 

After a trying 8 months in prison she was released. She once again had nothing, so she decided to go back home and turn her life around. Fate, however, had different plans. When she arrived, she was greeted by the remains of a ransacked house, and worst of all, the mutilated corpses of her now dead parents. 

She now wanders through Blessana scraping bits and pieces together to survive, hoping that luck will still be on her side.

"Lady luck must be a lesbian because she loves me."


Victoria is a very lovable girl who isn't afraid to take a risk. Now that she is rid of her gambling addiction she is able to focus on herself and others again. However, she can be a bit heavy-hearted from time to time, as she is hard on herself for making wrong decisions in her life. 




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OOC NotesEdit

Red Eyes - Victoria her eye colour changed once she obtained her fire magi from green to red.